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Virtual number

Virtual number (virtual office) is a multislot PSTN telephone number which maintains incoming and outgoing calls. Virtual number may receive incoming calls and forward to usual numbers (PSTN or mobile) and also to computer, IP telephone, SIP gateway server or office IP-PBX.

The reasons you need it?

  • your clients may get on the phone you from the first time (they will not hear a signal «busy»);
  • in order to combine your numbers (office, mobile, SIP numbers) in one network, so you increase efficiency of call processing;
  • you automatically decrease expenses on communication by using Virtual number (receipt calls on SIP number – free), and forwarding to PSTN or mobile numbers upto 10 times cheaper!
  • virtual number makes you mobile, now you are not confined to local service providers, in case you change address your number will be saved.

How to use?

  • you may start to use Virtual number (without additional equipment) just now, you need to make quick registration and refill balance by any convenient way on page «Pay»;
  • go to tab «Buy a virtual number» and order direct virtual number in any city of the world (63 countries at choice) or start to use free virtual number (with extension) at once (is available after registration in insert “My profile”);
  • indicate in the «My profile – Virtual numbers» tab: direction of forwarding (to telephones or SIP numbers), working hours.

What you get in result?

Advanced abilities

Tariffs on direct virtual numbers (USA)

Information about tariffs you can find here

Price on forwarding (as tariffs on outgoing calls)

Prices on direct numbers in other countries

  • You will have 2 phone lines for direct number.
  • Bought number may be as ANI – automatic number identification (Caller ID) by outgoing calls.

What is a virtual number?