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«MEBIUS Telecom» ltd. (brand name «Comtube») offers individuals and entities to take part in investment program (investment in telecommunication service).

Conditions of participations:

  • Interest rate: up 16.5% per annum
  • Deposit amount: from 50 000 rubles
  • Deposit period: from 6 months
  • Deposit currency: rubles RF
  • Interests are compounded monthly and paid at the end of agreement duration
  • In pre-schedule closing of deposit, interests are not compounded
  • Our aim: To be the easiest and comfortable telecommunication service for great circle of customers all over the world.

Our aim: To be the easiest and comfortable telecommunication service for great circle of customers all over the world.

Information for investors

The company "MEBIUS Telecom" ltd. has been successfully working from 1999 and has all licenses and permissions for rendering of telecommunication services. Today we cooperate with leading Russian and foreign communication providers all over the world. In 2008 we launched the project COMTUBE. It allows any user to use all types of communication without additional equipment and considerably economize in comparison with expenses on usual operators. Today there are a lot of services for users: calls on any telephones from stationary computer and mobile phones; sending text messages, fax, e-mail and paper letters; automatic dispatch according to database; conference; on-line purchase of direct virtual numbers in more than 500 cities in the world and many others. Today COMTUBE has about more than 250 000 entities and individuals all over the world.

Having a great experience in providing services we offer you opportunity to invest in one of the most emerging markets today. An open secret that wholesale prices on traffic (telephone communications and other services) are considerably lower than retail prices for ultimate customer. The aim of raising funds – is to expand range of services and increase the volume of telecommunication services on retail market. Investing your funds in market of telecommunication services you may guarantee yourself high and regular income.

Feel free to ask any question about our investment program by E-mail:

Interest rates with payment at the end of duration

Interest rates with monthly payment

Interest rates with monthly payment on Comtube services