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IP-telephony (VoIP-telephony) — type of communication which lets use the telephone via internet channel. Today IP-telephony is more convenient and beneficial mode of transmission of voice traffic. IP-telephony transforms voice in digital packets and then passes to any ground point through internet. For using IP-telephony it does not matter where you are, you may call and receive calls free of payment from any place and price does not change.

The reasons you need it?

  • by using IP-telephony you automatically reduce costs on communication because price on IP-telephony in all directions twice as small as usual telephony and communication inside IP Comtube network is free of payment!
  • используйте IP-телефонию при нехватке (или отсутствии) местных телефонных линий;
  • IP-телефония делает вас мобильным, теперь вы не привязаны к местным операторам связи.

How to use?

  • you may start to use IP-telephony just now, you need to make quick registration and refill balance by any convenient way on page «Pay»;
  • you may call on page «Main page - Phone» (you do not need to install programs, you need only microphone and earpieces or speakers);
  • you also may choose and set up any other way of calls through IP-telephony from page «Settings – IP-telephony».

What you get in result?

  • free communication all over the world (inside SIP Comtube network);
  • considerable saving on national and international calls;
  • increase the quantity of telephone channels without any payment (get multichannel phone);
  • free SIP number in Comtube network or direct virtual number in any city;
  • usage of your ANI – automatic number identification (Caller ID) for outgoing traffic;
  • convenient and understandable interface;
  • absolute confidentiality.

Advanced abilities

  • call planning;
  • integration of service under your aims. All enquiries please send on:

What is IP-telephony?

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