E-mail (electronic mail) is a service which provides prompt receipt, dispatch and holding of your email messages.

The reasons you need it?

  • prompt conversation with friends or partners all over the world;
  • dispatch and receipt of e-documents (e-files);
  • set up e-document flow;

How to use?

You may start to use mailbox free of payment just now.

  • you need to make quick registration . Indicated login will be the user’s name of your mailbox (for example: username@comtube.com);
  • you may send E-mail from page « Main page – Send E-mail »;
  • You may review incoming, outgoing, deleted and other messages on page « Main page – Incoming – E-mail ».

What you get in result?

  • absence of spam in incoming letters;
  • malicious software filter;
  • absence of diverted advertising banners;
  • full confidentiality and security because there is HTTPS encryption which provides security of your mailbox
  • access to your mail from any computer;
  • opportunity to collect mail by e-mail program such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat and etc.

Advanced abilities

  • notification of letter’s receipt via text message ( configure).

What is e-mail?

E-mail is a service which provides receipt and dispatch of email messages (files) via Internet Network .

Also you can see such names as: email message, email, e-mail, mail, post.

E-mail works as usual post (envelope mail) and uses appellations (post, letter, envelope, file attachment, box, delivery and etc.) and definite features such as – ease of use, delay of message delivery, reliability and conversely – absence of guaranteed delivery.

  • opportunity to receive easy retainable address (for example: user@comtube.com);
  • opportunity to send straight text, formatted text and some random files;
  • high reliability of message delivery;
  • ease of use via website or e-mail clients: Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat, Mozilla Thunderbird, Alpine, Eudora Mail, Evolution, Fidolook, Foxmail, Gnus, KMail, Mutt, Opera Mail (M2) and etc.
  • spam (wide scale advertising and virus mailout) which at least 80% of all e-mail letters in the world;
  • absence of guaranteed message delivery;
  • probability of delay of message delivery (during several days);
  • limitations on letter’s content and volume in mail box (personal for each user).

Now any user may create free mailbox, he should register on website Comtube or Gmail, Hotmail, Mail.ru, Pochta.ru, Rambler, Yandex, Yahoo and etc.