"Click-to-call" widget

The service «Click-to-call» (click-to-phone, free phone, “8-800” analog)– is a very convenient way to be in touch with your cumstomers. You just have to place the button (icon) on your site

and any visitor can contact our specialist by pressing this button and inserting his phone number free of charge.
Neither you nor your clients need any advanced equipment or any software to be installed.

The reasons you need it

  • it makes your contacts with your target clients much easier;
  • the client does not pay for a call to your company (8-800 analog);
  • site efficiency upgrading;
  • hookup of your clients (partners) calls with no direct phone;
  • it keeps your company confidential.

The way to use

  1. Register.
  2. Go to tab «Click-to-call – Click-to-calls - Create new» and insert the phone numbers to extend the calls from the site.
  3. Set up advanced options and press “Save”.
  4. Choose the template you like and place the template HTML- code to your site or electronic document.

The things you get in result

  • advanced tool to attract would-be-clients;
  • ability to accept a great number of calls simultaneously;
  • personal voice greeting;
  • complete privacy.

Advanced abilities

  • flexible set-up of call-processing modes;
  • complete control of entry calls (black-and-white list);
  • data reports drilldown;
  • ability to use the icon with your own design;
  • service integration in accordance with your purpose. Reference to orders: support@comtube.com.