Comtube offers you to take part in our partner program. Due to Comtube technological capacity you may earn money by forwarding the services of the project Comtube and always receiving at least 10 percent of clients’ committed finances on Comtube account.

The client entries website due to special referral link with your personal identifier. The data of identifier will be reserved in cookies of client’s browser only one time (if browser has already such cookies, it will not be re-recorded). So whose link or banner the client choose and use that partner will receive the remuneration. You will always receive remuneration from the committed finances of client who registered by you referral link. You will be able to control your client and their payments through interface.

The partner will be able to receive remuneration at any time through WebMoney wallet or transfer the funds to customer account and spend on the services.

Benefits of our partner program

  • We pay favourable partner remuneration, interest of remuneration can be increased due to volume of attracted funds during the month
  • You may take part in Partner program even if you don’t have your own website.
  • We provide you necessary advertising materials in order to attract clients.
  • You may receive a partner remuneration at any time
  • In order to siphon funds you should have a lower limit in the amount of 20 dollars
  • You advertise competitive services with low price on communication